Results - World Supermodel India and South Asia 2018

During the recently concluded World Supermodel India – South Asia 2018 Grand Finale, four girls were crowned as the official delegates for 2018.

Main title winners to represent South Asia 2018

  • Richa Sinha was crown as World Supermodel South Asia 2018

  • Mitali Gupta was crwoned as World Teen Supermodel South Asia 2018.

Main titles winners to represent India 2018 

  • Siddhi Gupta was crowned as World Supermodel India 2018

  • Ashoi Dantra was crowned as World Teen Supermodel India 2018.

House title winner to represent in case of Drop

  • Alfiya Mulla won Miss Congeniality 2018 title

Sub Title Winners

  • Richa Sinha also won Beyond Beauty title

  • Aqua Beauty 2018 by Anees Deen – Karishmaa Singha

  • Next Diva 2018 by Gleam Diva – Sauandarya Malbari (For Adult)

  • Next Diva 2018 by Gleam Diva – @Mitali Gupta (For Teen)

  • People’s Choice Award 2018 by Global Advertisers – @Manpreet Kapoor

  • Glowing Skin 2018 by Dr. Tvacha – Siddhi Gupta & Manpreet Kapoor

  • Glamorous Supermodel 2018 by The Lens Photography, Monsoon Winds & 3 Legged Pundit – Aditi Pandey

  • Style Icon 2018 by Archana Thakkar – @Aditi Pandey

  • Talented Supermodel 2018 by Trinity Dance Institute – @Suandarya Malbari

Winners will represent India and South Asia Respectively  in Vietnam during the 11th Annual World Supermodel Production.

Latest information, Event pictures and other footage will soon be available in our Gallery 2018 Section

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Know your Pageant Director

Sudha Subramanian

National Director -World Supermodel India

Executive Producer – World Supermodel South Asia

Director –¬†Yellow Umbrella

Sudha Subramanian is one among the youngest pageant directors in India. Having done a stint in modelling, beyond pageantry, she is also a strategic part of marketing minds in Yellow Umbrella, the company that owns World Supermodel India and many other fashion events for which Sudha is being instrumental. She has also been part of the judging panel at various other pageants as well.

Sudha Subramanian says World Supermodel India and South Asia is not just another beauty pageant or modelling contest. Year after year the responses keep getting overwhelming. While all the beauty pageants have their platform open for all girls, pageant participation in excruciating, bitter and mostly painful. Thus, We have built a platform that gives opportunity for many aspirants, an easiest method to register and give their audition just with the click of a button. Its that simple.