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Beauty is boundless and our region certainly is crowned with rich culture

ceaselessly @ several International beauty pageants.

World Supermodel India and World Supermodel South Asia are owned and hosted by Yellow Umbrella Services Pvt Ltd, the largest marketing services company in India.

World Supermodel India 2018 is now open to Indian Teen girls and women with in the age of 16-30 only. The competition is held annually and the winners will represent India during the yearly competition held internationally in a different host country every year.

World Supermodel South Asia 2018 is accepting entries from 8 participating countries: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Maldives and Bhutan. The winners from this competition will represent South Asia during the Annual competition held internationally in a different host country every year.

There are many aspiring models, wannabe supermodels and pageant aspirants and the list becomes lengthier every year. World Supermodel India and World Supermodel South Asia is an opportunity for all the budding as well as established models to stand apart and get the chance at world Platform. They could start their modelling career with this pageant or enjoy celebrity-hood with international exposure after their participation.

Many ask us what makes World Supermodel India & South Asia a different pageant than other beauty contests?

I would say, World Supermodel India and South Asia is unique and exclusive in many ways. We are brutally honest. Pageant Participation is made easy like never before






This is a pageant for married women also. We Celebrate Womanhood. World Supermodel India and South Asia has a transparent pageant system. We do not engage any authoritative Sponsors/partners to over-rule the selection procedure. We release leader board to the contestants to know where they stand and why.

This annual beauty pageant goes scouting across its region to send its ambassador to the internationally acclaimed World Supermodel Production. The competition is open for teen girls in the age group of 16-19 for the Teen title and 20-30 year women for the adult category, irrespective of their marital status.

This initiative searches for a natural beauty with elegance, confidence and style, while providing International platform to Supermodels in India and South Asia by designating the winners to compete globally.

The winners will have the privilege to enjoy limelight including several modelling assignments and offers.

Contesting models will not be endorsing any modelling agency she may be belonging to and would be competing by herself at the Local Pageant and the National Pageant.

The Team –

Comprising a team of dynamic individuals from Events and Media specialty, with a collective work experience of over 100 years, this group strives to bring a revolutionary visibility to Supermodels in India and South Asia zone


Opportunities for participating models

World Supermodel India and South Asia is a journey from a Model title to a Supermodel level. Many girls ask us ‘How To Become A Model?’ ‘What is a #pageantlife like?

We provide our contestant a platform to generate visibility. Since our pageant is being noticed and followed by many in the entertainment and fashion industry, so are our contestants in their notice. In our pageant all our contestants will undergo pageant coaching, Outdoor photoshoot, attend workshops, get groomed, undergo rehearsals, get their portfolio shoots, learn ramp walk, learn to face camera, training in their posture, and walk for fashion designers.

There will be casting directors in our panel who will assist our contestants in getting assignments. We have some striking sponsors for this season who are rewarding our winners with some handful offers and goodies.

In coming years World Supermdel India and South Asia will be among the Top 5 pageants that every model aspires to participate in. We are here to create and impact and we are path-breaking. We introduced World Supermodel concept to India and South Asia



Yogesh Aggarwal

Yogesh Aggarwal
Chairman – Yellow Umbrella
Director of Development- South Asia at World supermodel productions

Sudha Subramanian - Pageant Director

Sudha Subramanian
National Director- World Supermodel India 
Producer and Regional Director – World Supermodel South Asia

Neha Mohite - Head Produciton

Neha Mohite
Meticulous Catalyst (Head of Administration)

Mani Kantan

Mani Kantan
Ambassador of Buzz (Managing Marketing Campaigns)

Kiran Joshi 
Photography – Crew Member

Ekta Oza

Ekta Oza
Pageant Coordinator


Choreographer – Pageant Opening Number

Photography Crew Member

Photography – Crew Member

Swaroo J

Swaroo J
Photography – Crew Member