Wild Card Entry Form

World Supermodel India 2018

Eligibility Criteria

Country of Citizenship  : India

World Supermodel India – Adult Category

  • Age Group: Between 20 yrs – 30 yrs
  • Height: 170 cms or taller

World Teen Supermodel Pageant Teen Category

  • Age Group: Between 16 yrs – 19 yrs
  • Height: 165 cms or taller

For any clarification you please call our help line number +919167174422

Entry will be allowed only in case of any dropout .  

Step 1: Check your Eligibility as mentioned above

Step 2:

  • Once done reading the Entry Criteria
  • Click the entry Button below.
  • You will be redirected to an Entry Form
  • Fill This form and Upload Best of your photos

Step 3: On receiving your Entry form and Photos Our International team will evaluate within 48 hrs and you will be notified by phone and an email about the further process

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